Our Travels

As I mentioned before, we love to get about and see what the UK has to offer. Large amounts of people choose to visit the UK every year because of the places of interest, the history and heritage, the areas of natural beauty and countless other reasons so we feel it would be a waste not to go and visit these places that are virtually on our doorstep. The site Roughguides.com areally helped us deciding which place/things to visit on our travels.

We have a nice spacious people carrier so we can get all packed up and disappear for the day. We found that having a nice big car helps with longer drives, as do the portable DVD players and game systems that always seemed to be glued to their hands.

We have travelled considerable distances and the north of Scotland was a great trip. The boys love getting to see the different places and hear different accents and the castles we have visited definitely seem to be their favourites. As long as I have a hairdresser near me that I can visit every fortnight no matter type of extended break we're on, I can keep my hair and beard in check.

Every summer we like to get away somewhere a bit more exotic and the boys love to play in the sea. The kids clubs let us disappear to see the sights while the boys have the time of their lives.

I would recommend travelling about to anyone because you see some wonderful places and meet some interesting people.

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