I have spoken a bit about my personal life now here is a look at some of my qualifications.

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sheffield. I also have experience in everything from welding and fabrication to aeronautical engineering.

My school education was completed at Hall Cross School in Doncaster and is as follows.

Maths - A

Physics - A

Chemistry - A

Tech - A

I have also attended the University of Doncaster where I recieved the following.

Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Product Design

Previous Employment

Cowell and Satchley Engineering (2004 to Present)

Head Engineer

As had engineer I am required to oversee the work of all druaghtmen under my direction and to review work accoringly as well as to lead project management.

Reel Engineering (2000 to 2004)


As part of my duties I was required to draw up blue prints for various projects. Most notably I was involved in the design and production of a super conducting Aluminium Eco Electric Radiator that aimed to generate as much heat a possible using the minimal energy.

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